COMPETING AS A LIFESTYLE – You vs. You (Workbook)

COMPETING AS A LIFESTYLE – You vs. You (Workbook)


A companion to the book Competing As A Lifestyle You Vs You: A Student’s Guide To Greatness.

Competing As Lifestyle©, You vs. You” serves as the students guide for the Dream Building 101© life-transform tool that leads students to take ownership of their actions and embrace the accountability for their post secondary plan.

With our Curriculum and workshops, our Dream Builders help students discover and respond to their potential. Through each workshop, our Dream Builders hammer home the need for life disciplines and what happens when you don’t take ownership of applying them daily.

With careful guidance, strong conviction, and a caring touch, we help students build a strong foundation as they enter the three most critical stages of their youth, the transition into:

  • High School
  • College
  • Career

Through our workshops we smooth out the edges of students with social and emotional growth at the center of our workshops. At the end of the program year, we have documented improvements in the five learning core social emotional competencies according to Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).


The “Competing As a Lifestyle© Philosophy” is a breakthrough perspective for students to understand a great way to think while on their journey through life’s race.

In this book, the author shares some of his most meaningful life experiences that helped him find the answers to what was missing to fulfill his life purpose.

Principles Shared

  • Engaging in Learning
  • Building a Vision
  • Justifying Discipline
  • Embracing Passion
  • Discovering Who You Are, and
  • Building Character with Understanding

The principles shared in this book will lead students to the root causes of their lack of success in life and illuminate what is necessary for them to begin to fulfill their purpose.


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