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“On behalf of the Utah State Office of Education, I wish to extend our sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you for presenting at the Annual Utah Student Services Conference on March 18, 2013 in St. George, Utah. The 150 + attendees benefited from the extremely valuable information you provided. Your insights and keen perspectives on the many aspects of dealing with our youth no doubt brought a new understanding to a variety of educators on hand. Better understanding and knowledge of our youth will help us better understand how we all can be more effective Dream Builders for our youth.”

Verne C. Larson, Utah State Office of Education

“I have never seen our student body at Winton Woods High School (WWHS) so captivated by a speaker. Mr. Ward knows how to capture a crowd and keep their attention all the while teaching them life skills. He was honest, engaging , and humorous in the delivery of his message. The students with whom Mr. Ward and his staff met in a small-group setting were always eager to attend his class. He and his staff are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and are people and results driven. I am glad to have met Mr. Ward and his staff; I look forward to seeing the difference they make in the lives of students from all walks of life.”

Jen Henson, Owner ACT Prep, Winton Woods HS

Jen Henson
Owner ACT Prep, Winton Woods HS