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    To educate people with relevant life changing information, challenge old ideas and inspire people in organizations, schools and companies to deliver their highest potential to humanity.

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    Dream Building 101: A life-transforming tool for students that leads them to take accountability of their actions and acknowledge the need for a post-secondary plan. Utilizing assemblies, workshops and skills of our Dream Builders, students will discover their true potential. Each of our dedicated Dream Builders coach with careful guidance, strong discernment and a caring touch so that a strong foundation can be built for students to pursue the next critical stage in life.

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    Dream Builder Profiles

    We understand that building relationships is key to leading others. Visit our staff area and learn more about our Dream Builders.

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    More Information

    All of our programs and services provide lessons, advice and inspiration that can be impactful to the lives of any student, professionals or organizations. If you would like to receive services from Dream Builders University.

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  • Utah State Office of Education

    Verne C. Larson, Utah State Office of Education

    On behalf of the Utah State Office of Education, I wish to extend our sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you for presenting at the Annual Utah Student Services Conference on March 18, 2013 in St. George, Utah. The 150 + attendees benefited from the extremely valuable information you provided. Your insights and keen perspectives on the many aspects of dealing with our youth no doubt brought a new understanding to a variety of educators on hand. Better understanding and knowledge of our youth will help us better understand how we all can be more effective Dream Builders for our youth.

  • Cincinnati Job Corps Center

    Christopher Gentry, Office Administration Instructor, Cincinnati Job Corps Center

    LaMarque Ward and Dream Builder's University are an elite team of youth building professionals that have a passion for changing lives. Their work impacts the lives of these young adults through workshops that relate to the lifestyles of today's generation. This team is energetic and eager to make a difference. LaMarque Ward is a proven leader, his vision and dedication to impacting the community is the driving force that has ignited this movement to change generations by charging young adults to not only build their dreams, but work hard so that they can live their dreams. I highly recommend that you enlist the talents of LaMarque Ward and his Dream Building Team.

  • Hydro Systems Co.

    Gail J. Love M.Ed. SPHR RCC, Director Organizational Development Hydro Systems Co.

    LaMarque brought “Purpose and Passion” to our production leads. He was diligent about understanding our business as well as the needs of the participants and the goals for the program he delivered. LaMarque provided a reflective and thought provoking experience that had everyone involved and had an impact personally to many of the individuals attending. Our evaluations from participants reflected the importance of taking actions to determine what each had to offer both from a leadership and legacy standpoint. LaMarque provided active approaches for building self esteem, improving interactions, demonstrating caring, and communicating strengths and vulnerabilities to the team. Individuals walked away with concrete ways to invest in growing others and making a difference. His open ended questions were excellent for engaging active dialogue. LaMarque’s program demonstrates the importance of fostering an environment that encourages us to further support and enable their success.

  • Hydro Systems Co.

    Lee Bock , Evening Production Manager Hydro Systems Co.

    “Passion and Purpose” was a thought provoking experience! LaMarque is a captivating speaker who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of the traditional lecture. His experience resulted in an engaging discussion which demanded the audience dig deep within themselves to examine the driving forces to their actions, behaviors, and attitudes – to know our passion, our purpose, our legacy. LaMarque uncovered the fundamental elements of servant leadership; showing his audience what it truly means to “care”. He wouldn’t let us settle for superficial “feel good” concepts to improve our leadership. Instead, he shared simple, practical, and effective techniques which challenged us to transform our passion into everyday actions and behaviors. I left our discussion feeling invigorated, insightful, and ….a little envyous. He makes it seem so simple – and it really can be!